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Deskmate for Bloggers

As for a blogger, there are a couple of really good use cases:

Firstly:  Deskmate can help you build up and aggregate knowledge about specific topics which you can then refer to for your writing.  For example, learning more about any topic you want to be abreast of.

Second:  You can post out to specific groups form within Deskmate, so if you have an audience of email addresses for your blog, you can share any knowledge with that audience, perhaps to share some more in-depth information in addition to the blog articles.

Thirdly:  We are adding support for certain blog platforms so that when sharing with a specific channel, it’ll also post to your blog.

Fourthly:  If your blog contains what you might regard as ‘expert’ content, you can share that content within Deskmate and potentially build your audience there as well as via your blog.

I hope that helps!