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Google Drive Integration Setup

To initiate an integration, select 'Add Source' in the left hand side column.  This will initiate the popup prompt below:

Select the required integration (e.g. Gmail).  This will then transition to a form which lets you add the relevant credential information.

It will either look like the form below, or will be one from the third party platform being integrated with.

As part of the integration process you will be able to select certain variables about the integration, as per the form below.

The 'Add contacts to the Deskmate referral plan' means that whenever content is shared with your contacts that are being synced, if they sign up to Deskmate as a result of that sharing process or any other email we might send them, you will receive a commission for that action.  

This means you can earn real money from Deskmate each month.

The 'Advanced Settings' allows you to disconnect the integration, or change any other specific settings. 

The new integration will also be visible in the 'Settings' >> 'Integrations' tab should you wish to edit it in the future.