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Adding Users to Deskmate

With Deskmate, there are two types of 'users' you can add:

> Contacts - These are any contacts linked to your account. They have no Deskmate permissions. You can add as many as you want for no fee.
> Users - These are normally your teammates.  They have full Deskmate permissions.  These users are normally paid for.

This article is about adding 'Users'.  (For more information, see this:

To add fully-featured (can upload, edit, etc) users to your account, go to Settings > Account.

Here, you will see the ability to add new users half way down the page, below the part which summarizes what level account you have.

Here, simply invite your colleagues by adding their email address.

In the event that you have reached the maximum number of available seats for your account, please click the 'Manage' button.  You will then have the option to buy more.